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Bônus Pago was an app designed to ensure that the user has a digital account that meets all their needs in just one bank.


Bônuscred is a shopping card widely accepted in thousands of establishments in more than 200 cities in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina, covering several segments. With more than 20 years of experience, Bônuscred stands out for its agility and efficiency in service, thanks to a trained team and an advanced computerized system.

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The client was looking to develop an application that would meet the needs of the institution, prioritizing ease of use and solid security for its customers.

During the application development process, we faced significant challenges, especially when it comes to security and compatibility with various devices.

How it was executed

The application development service was conducted through an outsourcing partnership.

As part of this project, Fteam played a key role in coding the application screens, as well as integrating with the existing database. The client provided a set of screens in prototype format, along with the data structure. Fteam worked on transforming this prototype into a functional application, ensuring effective data collection and sending, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

The process included periodic meetings with the client. The Fteam maintained a flexible approach, holding weekly, fortnightly or monthly meetings as needed.

Committed to establishing proximity and transparency to the customer. This ensures that there is constant alignment on the project, aiming to deliver an accurate final product without technical problems.


Fteam’s approach stands out for its emphasis on proximity and transparency with the customer, with the aim of guaranteeing the delivery of a high quality final product, minimizing the presence of errors and bugs. This successful collaboration between Fteam and the customer demonstrates the company’s commitment to meeting customer expectations and providing effective application development solutions.


We developed the Bônus Pago app, a digital account designed to meet your needs!

Bônus Pago was an app designed to ensure that the user has a digital account that meets all their needs in just one bank.

In it, you can perform: Pix for free and in real-time, pay your bills, and obtain credit (subject to analysis), all of this in a practical way and with the security of a financial institution!