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How to migrate online newspaper readers to mobile devices? Throughout this portfolio, you’ll discover how Fteam collaborated with Folha de Pernambuco to transform its newspaper into an accessible and user-friendly mobile app, meeting the needs of its readers!


Folha de Pernambuco is an important daily newspaper in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. It covers a variety of local, national, and international news, as well as topics related to politics, economy, culture, sports, and more. Folha de Pernambuco is a reliable source of information for residents of the state and anyone interested in keeping up with news from this region.


The challenge that the Folha team brought to us was to transform a website into a mobile application. This was because, in 2021, they noticed that changes in reading habits were impacting the site, and the existing mobile version did not adequately meet the needs of readers. Among the main deficiencies were the lack of notifications to inform readers about new articles and the incompatibility with various mobile devices.

Although Folha de Pernambuco already had an initial idea of what they wanted, the project was not fully developed. Additionally, the internal team was conducting research to determine the best feasible approach to create the application. In this scenario, Fteam entered as an external team specialized in Flutter development, initially playing an outsourcing role. The challenge was, therefore, to combine efforts and expertise to transform Folha’s vision into a functional and high-quality mobile application that met the demands of its readers.

How it was executed

The development project of Folha de Pernambuco’s online newspaper into a successful mobile application involved a collaborative and well-structured approach. The project execution had three main components:

Fteam initially entered as an outsourcing team specialized in Flutter, a mobile app development framework. The goal was to provide technical expertise and development capacity that complemented Folha de Pernambuco’s internal IT team. This allowed the project to progress more quickly and efficiently, leveraging Fteam’s expertise in mobile development.

A fundamental aspect of transforming the online newspaper into a successful mobile app was creating a functional and intuitive user experience. For this, the team worked on defining the app’s navigation structure, layout, and visual design. This included creating a responsive, mobile-friendly design that provided an excellent reading and browsing experience for users.

Based on the UI/UX design and project specifications, our teams, together, collaborated in the development of the mobile app. This involved programming, integrating features such as notifications for new articles, and ensuring that the app worked correctly on a wide range of mobile devices. The team worked to optimize the app’s performance, security, and stability, providing users with a reliable and enjoyable experience.

Success Metrics

A well-developed app generates positive experiences for users in various ways, and the positive reviews from Folha de Pernambuco show that. Here are some reasons why a quality app can create positive experiences:


Folha de Pernambuco is an important daily newspaper from the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. It covers a variety of local, national, and international news. They needed an app to increase the number of readers.
So, Fteam worked with Folha de Pernambuco to accelerate the development of their mobile app. Fteam focused on UI/UX design and carried out the app development, ensuring an engaging and functional user experience across various mobile devices.
If you, like Folha de Pernambuco, need to create an app to increase your audience, get in touch with Fteam!